Play Free Mr. Chicken Slot

Play Mr. Chicken Slot for Free Online

Mr. Chicken slot machine is a bright and funny slot that you can play online for free in the HTML5 version and have fun at the same time.

There are five reels and up to 5 paylines in the slot. Players can independently choose how many winning lines there will be right before the reels spin. Lines 1 through 3 are straight in a row, but lines 4 and 5 are zigzagged, while the line numbers are made out of order. For clarity, when choosing the number of lines, they are highlighted in different colors.

How to Play Mr. Chicken

The main symbols of the slot machine are scrambled eggs, a wooden sign with the inscription Bar, a chicken leg, a profile of a severe turkey, a chicken, a feather, a cracked egg, a bag of grain, and, of course, the logo of the game itself – Mr. Chicken.

The wild symbol is the Mr. Chicken sign. This symbol can appear in any number and is necessary to replace any other symbol for composing.

By playing Mr. Chicken, the user can control the dynamic linear range. You can activate from 1 to 5 directions.

At any time of the game, the amount placed on the line is one coin. The value can be adjusted by the player and changed using the coin button. The nominal value can vary from 0.05 to 0.5 credits.

Mr. Chicken Slot Interesting Facts

The winning coefficients for each possible combination of symbols can be found in the paytable. It opens with the “Information” button. Winning chains are formed on active paylines and can contain from 2 to 5 identical icons. The status of the player’s account is displayed in the cell located in the upper left corner of the interface.

In the Mr. Chicken slot, paying particular attention to the chicken symbol with the slot name is recommended. This icon can give the player access to the most exciting features of the video slot. When at least 3 of these symbols appear on the reels, a themed bonus game will begin. In it, the user is waiting for generous instant payments.

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